MRSHAIR Nano Rings Micro Beads 100% Human Hair Extensions NonRemy Hair Brown Blonde Pure Color 50-200strands 12 16 20 24 Inch


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Dark Brown 04
Darkest Brown 02
Jet Black 01
Middle Brown 06
Natural Black 1B
Platinum Blonde 60
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12inch 30cm 0.5g
16inch 40cm 1g
20inch 50cm 1g
24inch 60cm 1g
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3 months
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100 Strands
150strands Full Head
200strands Full Head
50 Strands
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  • Brand Name: MRSHAIR
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Hair Grade: Non-Remy Hair
  • Model Number: Mrs Hair Machine Made Remy Series
  • Unit Weight: 0.5g/Strand

Item: Machine Made Remy Nano Ring Hair Extensions
Brand Name: MRS HAIR Machine Made Remy Series
Color Options:
Dark color: 1#, 1b#, 2#, 4#, 6#
Light color: 60#
Piano color: P18/613#
Length & Weight & Quantity:
12 inches = 30cm, 0.5g/pc, 25grams/pack
16 inches = 40cm, 1.0g/pc, 50grams/pack
20 inches = 50cm, 1.0g/pc, 50grams/pack
24 inches = 60cm, 1.0g/pc, 50grams/pack
Application Suggestion:
If You Have Short Hair, Want Long & Volume Effect, Buy 200 pieces (4 packs ).
If You Have Long Hair, But Thinner, Want Volume Effect, Buy 100 ~ 150 pieces (2 ~ 3 packs ).
If You Want Highlight Effect, Or Want More Volume, Buy Extra 50 pieces (1 pack )
Tape Brand & Tape Size:
Tip Keratin: Original Italian Keratin Glue Used Only !
Tip Size: 1.5cm long
Refund Policy:
15 Days No Reason Refund, Contact With Us If You Want Refund

Nano Rings Micro Beads, Click in this picture to buy

Can this hair be straightened, curled?

Yes, the hair is real human hair so it can be straightened or curled, but please don’t do it too frequently if you want hair with a longer lifetime. If you restyle it each day, the lifetime maybe 4-8 weeks and hair ends will be very dry. Why the lifespan is only 3 months in the description? According to the frequency of people’s hair growth, ladies usually go to the barbershop to fix their hair once every 3 months. 1. The hair material is naturally black, so for getting different hair colors, the factory painted the hair. So, the hair is damaged once already and we called “Machine Remy hair” or “Nonremy hair” in the description. 2. If the buyer doesn’t always heat hair, just let hair keeping the original states and always add nutrition on hair, the hair can be used for 5 months (according to the experience of our real clients). 3. If the buyer always restyle hair, and changes color, also don’t notice the hair care, the hair will only be used 4-8 weeks. 4. Mrshair also provides a longer lifetime (Real Remy hair), lifetime will be 6-12 months. Click the following link to the Cuticles Remy and Double Drawn Thick ends hair.

Free Hair Color Matching

The best way to choose your hair color should be determined by your hair ends. For Accurate Color Matching, please do the following: 1. Take a no-filter photo of your full hair in the daytime, near the window, use the original camera of the phone. 2. Show us a hair model for the hair you hope to have. 3. We will show you real hair photos & Videos taken by iPhone in our workplace or send you to reference pictures of other buyers. 4. We cannot ensure the color matching will be 100% accurate. but we will do our best to let color be the most similar.

How to do HAIR CARE each day?

1.Wash the hair 1-2 times each week. (For the tape in hair, please don’t wash hair in 48hours after 1st installment) 2. Warm Water washing, use a mild or Weak acid shampoo. 3.Avoiding let shampoos touch with the tape glue.

What CAN and CAN’T I do on the hair?

**********What you can do********** 1.use the olive oil or hair conditioner twice or three times each week. 2. Brush hair 2-4 times each day. 3. Making loose braids or ponytails before sleeping. 4. Apply heat protection product to the hair before heating hair with flat iron or roller.

**********What you cannot do********** 1.Can’t wash hair within 2 days after application. 2.Cannot sleep with wet hair. 3.Can’t brush it when hair is wet. 4.Cannot bleach it again. 5.Can’t swim without a professional swim cap. 6. Don’t grasp the root of hair overexert when washing.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

As usual, it needs 15-60 days. If your city is in a remote area, maybe it needs more days. After the package arrives in your country, Aliexpress standard shipping will give the packages to your local post office. So the estimated delivery time depends on the efficiency of your local post office, please be patient to wait or just call the postman for earlier delivery.

Fast Shipping Choice Available

We can also offer Fast shipping as another shipping choice, 4-7 Working Days Except for Holidays with a shipping fee. Even the shipping cost needs to be paid, but your package is safer and the estimated delivery time is exact. Now My company mainly cooperates with DHL and Armax company. If you need FedEx/UPS/TNT, Contact us before you make the payment.

Please make sure your address is safe and valid

In order to ensure that your package can arrive safely, please make sure that there is no problem with your address before placing an order. The P.0.Box address is very easy to lose the package. If you put the address in the P.O.BOX, the package shows that it is signed, lost or stolen, then AliExpress will not give you a refund for the dispute. Please do not uninstall the app before receiving the goods, and check the latest status of the package in time to contact the post office or courier company in time.

Is this Human hair?

1.Mrshair has opened this store on Aliepxress for over 10years and only sells 100% human hair. We got over 53K fans already and it’s not possible to ruin our brand by fooling clients. 2. About hair material, it’s 100% human hair. Exactly to say, it’s not “natural hair”. That’s because all the light colors are bleached colors basis on the natural black Color hair. And the hair material is coming from Asian people’s hair donors. So it’s also the reason why this hair cannot be bleached again.

How to Identify Human Hair and Synthetic hair?

–Firstly, get ready for a lighter and a little strand of hair ( At least 10 hairs). –Then, burning the end of hair for 3 Seconds.
********Human Hair********

—Burns very quickly, and it smells like a burst fragranced. —When the lighter is moved away, the fire will be extinguished immediately. —After burning, it is easy to turn to be ashes.

********Synthetic Hair********

—Smells like burning plastic, very pungent, and there is black smoke when it is burning. —When the lighter is moved away,The hair will continue to burn for several seconds. —After burning, it turns some small lumps.

Why the real hair color looks different with description?

Monitor Reason: Because the colors on the Monitos of different mobile phones and computers are different, we will use the displays of Apple mobile phones and computers as the standard, and try to show the pictures of the products as true as possible. But even so, we cannot guarantee that the color of your hair after receipt will be exactly the same as when you purchased it.

Why the hair color I ordered this time looks different with last same hair order?

It’s normal. If you buy more than two hairs of the same size in one order, the hair you received may be the same color. But if you buy new hair with the same color after more than 3 months, or buy a different size of hair at one time, there may be a color difference. Because the factory will dye according to the standard color card we provide, but because of the hair products and dyeing batch, the factory can only guarantee that the color of the same length of hair dyed in a dyeing vat within a production time is exactly the same. In addition to this situation, there may be color differences for hair of different sizes. This is a normal production process, please understand. But please don’t worry, the factory will ensure the color difference will not be obvious. If you are still worried about this issue, please let us show you the latest hair color before each purchase so that you can decide to pay or not.

Can I return goods if I don’t like ?

Yes, You can return your hair back within 15 days after you get your hair. If your order is with “Free return”. contact us, we will send you a link for getting Aliexpress standard shipping label, you just need to do the steps. You can also click this link for the free return policy: ———————— Help Center: If your order is not with the “Free Return” service, Please keep hair in its original states and contact us in time. We will send you the return shipping address. Except for the quality problem because the buyer for Return & Refund, the shipping cost needs to be paid buyer. We will extend the processing time for your order and after the package arrives, we will refund all your money.

Additional information


Dark Brown 04, Darkest Brown 02, Jet Black 01, Middle Brown 06, Natural Black 1B, P18-613, Platinum Blonde 60


12inch 30cm 0.5g, 16inch 40cm 1g, 20inch 50cm 1g, 24inch 60cm 1g

Life Span

3 months

Items per Package

100 Strands, 150strands Full Head, 200strands Full Head, 50 Strands


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