No MORE SEW-INS | I did Microlinks on myself and here’s what happened | Studio Techilo ITIPS

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  1. Crystal M

    I used to do these 10 years ago.
    Be aware there are MANY different types of links sold, some are just copper links with no coating on the inside. You can also get different lengths of the links.
    Depending on how you treat them, or where you get them, the powder coat can come off the outside. DO NOT OVER CRIMP – it cracks the coating and makes it harder to open the link up again.
    If you are doing it on yourself, something I did for a few years, do a few test links first and wear then for a couple days using different amounts of hair and link type. Wash your hair. See what is holding best without twisting around at the root or sliding off easily.
    It would be mortifying for you to spend a day on your hair only to have it slide right off.

    Also you probably need a three way mirror to do your own hair.

    Having friends who know hair is great. Unfortunately I was that friend, and what I thought was common sense, apparently wasn’t as easy to grasp for others. So I figured out how to do my own.

  2. Nair Bowie

    Can you wash it with shampoo and conditioner??

  3. LishaTheNailGurl

    *She DID NOT DO the links on herself* Caption is very misleading

  4. 25 Sigma

    I’ve never really had edges, even since I was a toddler. It’s some sort of hereditary dermatological issue. Tried everything practically. I recently went completely natural. Rn I have my mini fro and whatever edges I have I fluff out and it finally looks filled in… until it has to be slicked back. Hairstyles requiring minimal emphasis on edges is what I’m searching the net for today. Wigs drive me nuts, esp. lace front cause my edges even sweat a lot. Which is even more of an issue. I wish people didn’t make fun of others hairlines. It literally came with my body and quit frankly don’t really date anymore because people have high expectations to be able to “run their fingers through it.” I’m finding men really do like the mini fro though but others will just look at me like I’m some sort of anomaly 🤷🏾‍♀️ I want extensions but my edges really can’t take any extra wear and tear from manipulation, which doesn’t take much for mine to start falling off **sigh**

  5. Rhonda Seward

    Can’t nobody say this isn’t your hair. AMAZING job and EXCELLENT choice with hair texture. Your aunt did that!

  6. Chinese China

    So with my 4c hair I can wash my hair an it will still look good even tho my air will puff up😂🤣🤣🤣 if so I need to try this..where can I buy this

  7. Joan Theokabuye

    Clip ins have a new name? This was done 20 years ago but to and volume until we got the hair extension with a comb that you just have to put in the middle, so now this is new? 😂😂😂

  8. Kitirne Mills

    Hello, I hope you may be able to give me some good advice. I always wear my hair in braids and I am so tried of it. But I don’t like the natural look as well my hair is not that long so when I twisted up sometimes it’s really really short and it make me look like a boy sometimes I don’t like that. I have been considering the micro links because when I do my micro braids I like the feel of having human hair in my head and having it down and being able to style it anyway I would like to. My hair is really really soft however I feel I have a 4C hair so I want to know which micro links will really be best for me ? I really want to try and keep it natural I don’t really want color or anything like that I just want to stick to being natural as possible.

  9. Enaiya Reed

    Cannn u please telly us where you get your hair / supplies from

  10. Michelle Sharp

    Beautiful 🤩

  11. toyarj37

    How do you take it off? Looks really good on you. Would not work on my 4c hair

  12. ineedhoez

    I finally did mine and i love it! My hair is retaining length bc i can easily keep it moisturized. I had keratin glue extensions b4 and no matter how hard I tried, I would lose a lot of hair. I can keep the gunk out of my hair and slide that link up to keep everything fresh. I watch tv and tighten everything up. I used kinky straight hair and it has been amazing. I will use these forever

  13. Elizabeth sam

    Very beautiful love love love 👍

  14. According2Cathy

    You have a very pleasant voice. Thanks for sharing this video.

  15. OliviaOnAir Winsteard

    How bad does this stress the hair? Is breakage minimum? Or is a sew in more protective?

  16. Me, that’s who


  17. Yulissa Villarruël

    What size of ring are you used and what amount of hair you have used on each section 0.5 g or 1g ? The ring size 5mm or 3mm ? Thank you

  18. th3invisiblegirl

    Would one be able to use 2 of the regular beads since the tubes don’t come silicone lined?

  19. SDC

    I can’t even find a stylist in Austin, TX 🥲

  20. keyshanna3

    If you have natural hair how is the detangling process. How do you untangle without putting out all your hair?

  21. Tessa Corrie

    Do you have to straighten the hair first or does that depend on the texture you’re having installed?

  22. shanae alleyne

    How long does your hair have to be to have this style?

  23. Sheronda Merriweather

    Where can I purchase hair??

  24. Rey Bicca

    after how long should it be removed

  25. Soul Qveen

    Why you say you do it on yourself and you didn’t 😭 got my hopes up

  26. Nicknack blove

    Yes I know I can do it on my own hair too people are charging between 800.00 and 3k for this install

  27. Flower power

    I used to do this 20 years ago and used to pay a lot of money to have it done… Never again, the process causes damage… NO MATTER HOW WELL THEY ARE DONE. Say hello to hair damage ladies, I assure u u will meet it. Good luck 😂

  28. Cinderine Rose Gospel

    Love the hair looks good on u
    . I would love to source this hair for my salon so plese let me know whay to do.

  29. jack

    Job well done lady’s the hair style is very nice

  30. Elizabeth Brown

    I really love your videos! ❤️🥰 So easy and helpful!

  31. David Britt Affiliates

    WOW, 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  32. ydavis1984

    Can you reuse the hair?

  33. Neta Vaught

    Looks so natural

  34. Free Spirit

    I thought she did it on her own head. I want to see that before I try it on my own.

  35. BlaccBarbie

    When I clicked on the link I expected to see you doing them yourself now I have to find someone to help me. You should really be more specific.

  36. LaToya an Titus 2 Woman

    This was helpful, I LOV IT, Looks extremely natural & easy to install from the way you recorded,Thank you & God bless you!

  37. Dejea Vu

    How many itips did you use?

  38. Helena Harris

    This looks great, question, are you going to do a video on how to remove them? that’s the part i think I’m scared of.

  39. Kimberly Parks

    Your aunt did your hair you didn’t do anything at all

  40. Meha Ali

    anybody know the texture type of the hair extensions?

  41. TY

    Your Aunty is Jamaican?😊

  42. Glen Butler

    Nice to know there are versatile techniques that result in beautiful, natural, non-wiggy styles but this seems extremely time-consuming and an absolute “booger” to remove!

  43. Zaira Walls

    Love it

  44. Mrs. Harris' Journey

    Aunt did that!!! This is not a diy video… misleading title.

  45. Jessica Strong

    Wow I don’t know if I could do my own hair. This is different with a bead, Back in the day we used a plastic circle to protect & separate the hair, & put the wax link on.

  46. Femme Fatale

    I love single strand methods for black women with kinky /Yaki textured textures . I have Brazillian knots in now and adore them. You can also do LA weave which is a wefted option .

  47. MsLeelee94

    Beautiful 🤩

  48. oreoluwa Ayeni

    Never mind! I paused at the receipt! I thought 3 bundles would be enough and that’s what I saw!! Awesome! Last question, pls where did you get the beads from?

  49. oreoluwa Ayeni

    How many bundles did you use ?? I’m gonna do this for my wedding but I love my hair full and big !

  50. Gaye Combs

    Where did you get your micro beads from and how many millimeters are they ???

  51. Ayesha Juma

    So what type ( the name of the hair) , you used in this video. Because they are exactly the same as my hair. And where can i buy them from . Thanks

  52. Amour Aniah

    Can I get these if I have a perm ?

  53. J Skye

    Are we supposed to buy the bundles with the already tipped bundles or can we make those ourself also ?

  54. Jai Brandly

    Why didn’t you go to prom 😭😭😭😭

  55. Ana Cortez

    really beautiful, i just wish my hair wasnt thinning so much . hope to some day try your idea . thank you

  56. Solange Cardoso

    This don’t damage your hair? Please answer me

  57. Eileen Camacho

    Beautiful! Great job

  58. Taylor Ashlyn

    Can you part it anywhere you want?

  59. Angela Lewis

    Great Job Sistahgirl!

  60. Mell R

    Can u used the hair over

  61. Joyce

    I knew someone who did this way back in the 90s and always wondered what the method was.

  62. Justagirlnamedee

    She did really good

  63. Valerie Rackins

    How I can go about booking you

  64. I said What I said


  65. Robin Cephas

    This looks Amazing

  66. The Stamps

    Umm that doesn’t seem healthy to would seem like a lot of tension at the root during washing and blow drying

  67. Eclectic Soul

    These came out great 😍. I got these done years ago (when mostly yt people were doing it lol). The versatility is great, but tbh this isn’t a protective style at all lol. You still have to flat iron your hair and your hair is just mixed inbetween the weave it’s not braided or anything and because of our hair texture applying the bead and tip can be tricky especially if you aren’t being careful or trying to rush. This style can cause serious breakage.


    How do u remove them clips

  69. Ludmilla Gayle

    Thanks 🧡

  70. goldsunlover


  71. LaQuana Simmons

    How do you take them out?

  72. Danny Moore

    The Lord Love and Care is aways you Bless you

  73. Merida Angelina

    Looks beautiful!! Your Auntie hooked it up!! God bless!

  74. isitme

    what i want to know is what happens when you need to moisturise your own hair? won’t it make the extension hair greasy?

  75. Latasha Renea

    She did a great job

  76. Donna Maria Dixson

    Can you also video you’re take outs

  77. Sharon Williams

    Hi Simone,
    Where did you buy the micro links and the pliers that you used to close it? I also love that hair. You and your family (Aunty) have very blessed 🙏🏽 🙌🏽 hands. Extremely talented. God bless you both.

  78. Empress Dougla

    How many pieces did you use? On the website it offers 50 pieces

  79. yani yani

    Where is your location,I love them ,I love them,please

  80. Yashar'els Crown

    Wow! The result was gorgeous💖, you looked gorgeous! And your aunt did so well😆

  81. Yashar'els Crown

    You “had” them done? But not did them on yourself right? Because I’m looking for a video where someone can do them on their own head

  82. Tam Tamz

    Girl, this looks like it’ll take your hair clean out. It’s cute but not worth the risk, IMO.

  83. Sylvia Smith

    That beautiful thanks for sharing

  84. Fredrica Murray-Johnson

    I have natural hair can I do this style. I have curly hair. Will it stay? I do not have a perm

  85. Franca Nelson

    pls can yiu make micro ring on short hair?

  86. Beautifulflaws Creations

    I have these now and it’s the best thing EVER!!!!

  87. KeSalon Coiffure

    That’s every bit of $700.00. Girl tell your Auntie she did a phenomenal job! I gotta fu e it to her and if she can do it I can do it too! Heeeeeelllllllll yeah!

  88. Autumn Davis

    How many packs was used ?

  89. Francisca Norton


  90. mybell

    I see you are in Atlanta. What do you charge for the installation?

  91. Felicia B Brown

    I heard its very bad on the hair. And it could leave bald spots

  92. bigmudbish m

    Omg.. You did a video of you doing your cousins hair in the micro/ie. Dont know whats its called.. But i think she has 3c hair.. I wanted to see that video again.. But cant find it.. I have same texture as ur cousins hair.. And need that exact hair.. In jet black

  93. Venus Real

    Where is the hair extensions from

  94. Pretty_Jmarie IG

    Weren’t they called fusion something back in the day? Like in 07? I wanted them sooo bad but they were expensive😫

  95. Josalyn Upchurch

    question? can you do these by yourself or is it better/safer to have someone else (a professional) do it?

  96. Quai Myers

    How do I book?

  97. Yonnie Love

    There i need this information

  98. Tameka Carr

    I love it❤️😍

  99. Elizabeth Auguste

    Hi! This video is lovely and gave so much wonderful information, but the title misled me a little! – I definitely watched for a long time hoping you were actually installing them yourself 😪 But an amazing job to your aunt! And I’m glad to have learned so much about this style!! Feels like something I might pick up learning how to do, especially if taking them out doesn’t prove too difficult.

  100. Lashonda Mcknight

    I wouldn’t get these again like EVER. My hair mad curly. I can imagine the frustration of washing my hair but the wave straight now I’m trying to fight through straight weave and curly hair to straighten my hair. Even if I got naturally curly hair that’d still be too much

  101. Lashonda Mcknight

    My mom used to put these in my hair when I was in 6th grade. I’m 26 now 😂. Idk where she got the idea back then. But baby them thangs was haaarrddd to take out. I would literally have a few pieces in my hair months later lol. I’m also sure she ain’t know what she was doing for real.

  102. Nancy Thomas


  103. Sushan M

    Done with love❤

  104. Masha Chan

    There’s one lady who does this in my city but when I asked her if she could do it on my natural hair, she said that I need to get a hair treatment to get my hair straight in order to do it. I didn’t spend 7 years of growing my natural hair to get it straightened for this, what if I didn’t like it?

  105. Master B

    I don’t want to add heat to my hair at all. Is this still a good option for me?

  106. Queen Bluntress

    Y’all keep saying these are damaging and I can’t agree with that. I will take my chances with nano ring extensions. With nano or micro you don’t look like a poodle 🐩 or a Solid Giold dancer. Not the nano weave Nano individual for thin hair.

  107. C My Reaction

    That is awesome 👌

  108. Tempy 210

    I love this!! I will try it out.

  109. Sharon Williams

    Talented family. Where have you guys been all my life? This family has been blessed with gifted hands. I cannot wait for you to do my hair. You guys are more talented than all the hair salons I have watched on youtube. I went as far as calling the salon where they showed your work looking for you.

  110. Vicky Landing

    I wish could make an appointment thanks for sharing fantastic 😍

  111. Hillary Sudeikis

    Lord Jesus Christ is coming back everyone repent and be baptised, stop living sinfully because He wants you to go to Heaven, May He bless your hearts to receive this Gospel. Live righteously, repent and confess your sins to Him. He will forgive you.

  112. La'Unique Beauty Services

    Came out beautiful. I’ve installed this technique into all textures of hair by track & individuals. It gives a person more flexibility with styling than the average sew-ins

  113. nbarthelmy37

    How do you take this down when ready


    Did you install links in the front? Or is it leave out

  115. Mandy Stoole

    you have a lovely aunt

  116. Jalece Woodley

    Thank you for this video! I bought my Itips and tools and will be doing soon!

  117. Alexis Wilson

    I wanna do this but im afraid of having to much leave out at the top!!! Is there a way to do minimal leave out??

  118. samsung brown

    What kind of hair was used? Can you put the link please.
    How did she add the hair cause the video was fast? Thanks

  119. fullwitch

    I worked at a high end extension store for 2 yrs (white people extensions) and my manager installed the i tips on me (for free) and now im jonesing to have them again! This time ill do a less silky texture i just need to find an affordable stylist 😌

  120. N S

    how long did processing and shipping take from studio techilo?

  121. Steff Gmail

    How to take them out?


    Wow this is totally awesome and looks beautiful and natural. Not wiggy, fake or unrealistic! My edges are a hot mess so I’m not sure I’m a candidate. But watching this video gets me motivated to get my hair in shape to be able to do something like this.

  123. A J

    I like how she went straight to the damn point!!

  124. A C

    Auntie did that! 🙌🏾💕🙌🏾

  125. Amy Tyrrell

    can you straighten the microlink like at the roots because i have natural hair but sometimes i’ll want to straighten my hair and i don’t know if i’ll be able to get to the root

  126. Ronni j

    WHITE women been doing this for years …yet black MEN DISRESPECTING BLACK women because of weaves WTF

  127. Sheila Wilson

    Use to this in the early 2000’s maintenance, application and removal was too delicate and damaged my hair alot but maybe techniques have improved now.

  128. bebe rivera

    This ended up looking so dope! Is there difference between these microlinks and the keratin microlinks?

  129. Lucrecia Diaz

    They so hard to get in

  130. micelaine Laurent

    How to remove it

  131. Pat

    Where can i buy that kind of hair extensions

  132. Daughter of Zion 214

    I see why this is so expensive. Ain’t nobody got time fa dis 🤦🏽‍♀️

  133. anneshirley duncan


  134. avaphynx

    I used to wear the micro links years ago but I want to do it with my natural hair.

  135. Insert Name Here

    Is auntie Jamaican? I heard that accent❤ She did amazing job, btw.

  136. Fallon M

    Why not use tracks ?

  137. Marylou Harris

    Very awesome video,theree months ago I buy the same one from

  138. Keicha Allen-Lewis

    My mother used to use these extensions more than 20yrs ago. I completely forgot about this technique. Your aunt did a wonderful job and hair looks beautiful. Do you have a link for the hair you purchased?

  139. Shon9tilR

    Nah I’ll stick with clip ins.

  140. TinyTay13

    What do you do to keep your hair from getting tangled if you work out a lot?

  141. TheOne And Only

    That attitude changed when that hair got to swinging lol!

  142. Kisha Mashal

    kenyonna Montgomery is f*cking up my hair

  143. peepla7

    Just so you know…you can do microlinks with track hair… just send the linking hair thru loose… press with the tool and trim if needed.

  144. Ambitious Ambitious

    Is there a way to do these on small locs?

  145. Miriam Eclipse

    Nope nope and nope

  146. esther elysha

    its beautiful but my lazy self cannot take sitting there for that long

  147. NKenga Warren

    How many bundles did you use

  148. B. Charles

    Such a good detailed video. You look great. Thanks!

  149. blkimble

    Is your aunt doing installs for clients or was this just as a favor for you?

  150. tiehara

    My hair is too damaged for this style

  151. J. J.

    I just love seeing mothers, aunts, sisters, & cousins doing our hair. That’s love! ❤️

  152. solomon henry

    How was washing

  153. Ty E

    It looks so natural

  154. Ty E

    This is the white peoples extensions 💁🏽‍♀️ We are late in the game with this one🤷🏽‍♀️

  155. Cherry Blossoms

    The title is misleading, your aunt did your hair. Lovely hairstyle though

  156. BadMuva Jamma

    So which part did you do? 🤔

  157. Vicky Landing

    I wish your lovely aunt could style my hair

  158. Vicky Landing

    Just beautiful natural😍😍😍

  159. Rasheeda September

    These are i-tips not microlinks. Your title is getting the two confused. Microlinks and I-tips are two different methods

  160. Glam Hairstyles

    Best of all. i love this. thanks

  161. lovebeingblack V

    This is not good for black hair …This will slide your hair right out …The shedding is really bad …In all honesty coming from a hairdresser all extension process is dangerous for your hair …Clip ins are about about the safest… ..

  162. Latonia Lee

    How do you take it down is the number one question because I absolutely love it but I got to know how to take it down

  163. BeautifulBarbie20


  164. Scrubz.N.Squatz

    So how does this work if your natural and u do the keratin treatment to straight your hair, once it’s time to wash you hair with this install what will happen to your natural hair

  165. New Jersey Love

    How do you take them out?

  166. Mel Ross

    I haven’t seen these since like 2005

  167. Caren Beckett

    Thought this was you actually doing it by yourself…so you got microlinks done . Good demo

  168. Marcia hall

    a perfect recipe for hair loss, good job

  169. Shameka Shameka

    I have to tell you how much I appreciate how you got right to it,thank you bae

  170. Lashonay Wiley

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  171. Ify Anyanwukeke

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  172. Wilissa Clark

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  173. Gift Essang

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  176. Leonda Parker

    Where are you located? I would love to get my hair micro braided.

  177. Kellionta' Mason

    Looks great, very natural looking ❤️

  178. llcoolraine Jackson

    Awesome video!! Love the step by step tutorial, pretty sure I can’t do it myself, but I want to have it done to my hair,, thank you so much for sharing your too cool hair styling technique, you are a gorgeous young lady the end results are beautiful so natural looking!!

  179. Gina B.

    Hi, I was interested in purchasing hair from this company. If you don’t mind letting us know how that hair is holding up? It is shedding or tangling?

  180. Shyna Yona

    You look very beautiful mama. It came out really well. Reminds me of the elastic band method they use in Angola

  181. Tandrine Bray

    Now how you take it out? 🤔😂 inquiring mines want to know. I hate taking my hair down after getting it done.

  182. Melissa's Life💜

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  183. dori darling

    I l🥰ve this look on you! I’ve been wanting to try microlinks for a min now because ever since I went natural, sew in’s have my scalp on fire 🔥🔥😩. Definitely going to look into finding the right texture hair and materials to do this style. Great video! 🥰🥰

  184. mmmkaykay

    lol I love how your aunt gave you those old school 90’s glam curls.

  185. Emeth

    I wish that I knew a friend that did hair. You are a lucky one. I am that friend and everybody always wants to come to me to do their hair. She did a wonderful job.

  186. tdmaben1

    That seems so cool and VERY interesting!!! Are these metal pieces? If we were to go thru the metal detector at the airport, would our heads light up like a Christmas Tree?? 😳😳😳 Highly curious! Lololol 😆

  187. CharlotteDujour Morris

    what size links did you use?

  188. Dameka Davis

    Nice! Would you look into doing micro loop extensions? They should be easier and faster to apply.

  189. shaelyn calhoun

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  190. A B

    You and your aunt favor!

  191. Britt Falker

    It looks great, your aunt did a great job. One suggestion, I would probably add a few layers, as you can see the hair strands look isolated towards the ends. Does that make sense? It hair strands look stringy or clumped together.

  192. Ebone M.

    Hey thanks you the video… I love the style auntie has skills lol 🥰
    How many I tips did you use for ordering purposes?

  193. Alexis Melendez

    I had this done many years ago. It’s actually called strand by strand method. Though some do call it micro linked hair too. It was installed a little but differently. There was loose hair in between the parts, which is commonly how it’s done. My natural hair was very long and the extra hair was 4 inches longer. So I was doing it more for volume. It came out well and looked extremely natural. However it does put a lot of stress on your natural hair. I ended up removing after two weeks because strangely I felt my scalp all the time. It took my hair a week to recover as the stylist told me the hair goes into shock. So I looked like I lost a lot of hair even though I actually didn’t. I do know some women that did have it much longer and did loose some hair. I knew one woman that swore by them and seemed to be fine.

  194. Debbie C.

    I’m sooo in luv with this… Thank you 4 sharing. I’ve always wanted 2 know how they install the hair like this way back.. Now I know. Ur the bomb sis 😍😍😍💯

  195. amen enamuna

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  199. Red Wine

    My white friend has sworn by these for years

  200. N G

    Great video your having looks very believable!!! How is the hair?? Dose it hold a curl and how well dose it straighten? I’m thinking about purchasing.

  201. Beau Be

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  202. Brezzzy

    Can someone explain how this is protective? Or is it not supposed to be that protective? If I’m processing this correctly, your hair is “still out” right

  203. Shelby Steele

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  204. Felicia Cat

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  205. Leona N.

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  206. Keeping it Real

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  207. Nikki Real

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  211. EBONEE Onyxx

    I’m sooo glad u posted this video I’ve been looking on their website for this hair but was searching for reviews!! This was rite on time!!

  212. Nadia Johnson

    I’ve always wanted micro links. I like wearing my natural hair but I wish it were longer. I’m nervous it would break my hair or something. Has anyone gotten these and can explain how they work. What do you do for wash day? How to avoid breakage? Etc

  213. ChicStyleYoYo

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  217. Trending With Samore

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  218. Kyra V

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  222. Riot Johnson

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  223. Ciara Jade

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