Microlink Extensions on 4C Natural Hair | Install & Tutorial | Simone Sharice


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    I have a video coming up showing you guys how to take out these microlinks!

    1. Your Healing Hands Massage Therapy, LLC

      Great video! Very detailed & informative. Shout out to your camera person because they did a really great job zooming in!!!! Wayyyy better than a lot of videos I’ve watched. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    2. Kaleb Kaysen

      @Kenneth Lian yea, I have been watching on kaldrostream for since november myself 😀

    3. Kenneth Lian

      Pro trick : you can watch movies at kaldroStream. Been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.

    4. Brown_goddess_ Dee

      Where are you based

    5. Lisa Dowell

      where can I buy human good hair I want curly Itip micro links

  2. Segen Misghina

    I want to try this but I’m so scared for my scalp😩😩😩😩😩😩

    1. Segen Misghina

      SIMONESHARICE Very true! Thanks for sharing sis! Just subscribed🤗💕

    2. Segen Misghina

      SIMONESHARICE I have very fine hair. Any tension will cause fall out. It’s like anything heavy will cause a lot of shedding🙄


      Regiesha Brooks yes find a professional because this isn’t for everyone ! Your right girl ❤️

    4. Regiesha Brooks

      I’ve done this on a client and it was very time consuming but worth it make sure you find a stylist that knows what they’re doing because I have seen them be completely butchered Best wishes girlie


      Segen Misghina awww no don’t be scared but what do you mean by your scalp

  3. Regiesha Brooks

    Did you post a link for the hair I don’t see it ?

    1. Regiesha Brooks

      Ok perfect thank you


      Regiesha Brooks hey beauty no I just posted her the women’s Instagram name as reminder to myself. I didn’t remember to add the exact link

  4. Michelle Clark

    Love it 😍 ❗️. And the bangs look cute on here face shape.

  5. Regiesha Brooks

    I’m in love 😻

  6. Cee Jay

    Ohhhhhhhhh she has a TON of hair! Lol
    I wish someone could do microlinks for me!!! I am so TIRED of wearing wigs!!

    How long was the process?

    1. Ms Kay

      @Tinky wink I know that salon. I’ll try it thank you

    2. Tinky wink

      @Ms Kay jakari J salon in elmshurst, (she’s mainly there now) still in Corona but not as much. Her names Akeila, only go to her for the install!

    3. Ms Kay

      @Tinky wink who’s your lady? I live ny

    4. Tinky wink

      @Michelle Clark My lady does them, she did it on me! 🔥 if you’re still interested let me know. She’s right by LaGuardia airport 1 part of the week, the other half she’s in Corona. ♥️

    5. chali Botha

      Anyone in Kansas city Kansas do micro links 4c hair?

  7. Kelsey Montgomery

    I love it ! I’m anxious to try it

  8. Veral

    How long should this stay in?

    1. R G.

      Couple months till they have to be re-tightened

  9. Aliyah Nicole

    I’ve always wanted to see this style done on Natural hair!!! It looks cute, I might try it one day ☺️ Good job pretty 🧡

    1. yolanda turner

      +cx2 ver: @SRW b v3fffff$ff

    2. SRW

      Yes @Aliyah Nicole everybody does more of the straighten hair or curly hair that is easy to straighten. I don’t have these biceps and triceps for nothing.😅 I needed this video because I’ve been wanting to do this for a year.

  10. Sacha Bloom

    I love how adventurous you are…always learning and growing. I love that about you! 💚💚💚

  11. T Ford

    Your sisters hair is nice and healthy. Great job with the microlinks

  12. At this moment

    she pretty- but her hair is super thick is this good for her already Lovely hair?

  13. At this moment

    your sections of hair were thick=


      I don’t like doing the sections too thin. As long as her hair can fit through the bead comfortably with the bead it’s fine

  14. Measha Jensen

    Absolutely gorgeous! How long did it take you to install?

  15. Bree Gaming Chair

    This is so pretty

  16. Thee Devine1

    Can u wash ur hair while these are in


      Hey beauty I mentioned this in the video

  17. Nishly E

    Very cute 😍

  18. The How To Diva

    Amazing job!!! You DID THAT 🙌🏽👍🏽

  19. Brittney Yancy

    So could someone with 4c or type 4 hair do a wash n go? Does the hair being installed shrink like natural hair or no?

    1. R G.

      You would have to find itip extensions that match your hair. Which can be tough considering people usually choose straighter textures for styling purposes


    You did a great job

  21. angele21

    Where did you get the hair?

    1. R G.

      Perfect distraction hair gallery & studio techilo has options too

  22. Elizabeth Romain

    It’s gorgeous 😍😍😍I want to try it on my hair so bad !!

  23. SMonique

    Want want want 😨 gonna try to get my hair to grow out a little more! And then this gonna be my next holiday hairstyle 😍 grey job! Blended perfectly! Wow!

    1. SMonique


  24. Ebony Kimmons

    That looks good!!

  25. Ebizzill

    looking at her THICCC hair… good GOD! …

  26. Ebizzill

    i wonder if twist -outs- are possible

    1. Ebizzill

      @Zamaarriaha Jenkins oh! i wanna see!

    2. Zamaarriaha Jenkins

      She said her sister did a twist out and braid out on the hair.

  27. Trinity Jones

    Beautiful job!

  28. brooks fly

    Looks superb! Can they last a month ?

  29. BlackEmpress Brown

    I need to try this is my girls hair like this

  30. Luv Florreina Vu

    looked so natural and amazing

  31. Sanya Scorpio

    This is really nice but don’t think I’ve seen it here in JM

  32. Sanya Scorpio

    I like how it just blends right in with her hair

  33. Abb B

    How’s the removal process? The roots grows in thick and the hair is brow dried so I’m sure matted/tangles will happen within 2-3 weeks

    1. Samara

      @Hairstyling’Queen Toni this is a good tip actually I didn’t think to roller set it, I was thinking the pineapple method

    2. AdaBekee

      @Hairstyling’Queen Toni you’re so rude! Why does everything have to be about some imaginary hater? This is a very valid question this person asked and here you are 🙄

    3. Afropunk

      @Hairstyling’Queen Toni I think she just had a genuine question, not every black person knows everything about their hair .

    4. Adwoa Mk

      @Hairstyling’Queen Toni Wow, you don’t have to be hater to ask questions, I didn’t suspect any shade in this question. It’ the same concern I have, when I do twist, my hair starts to loc after 3 weeks, this happens when I put water on it. Which is why I wash my hair in plaits instead. This is my one concern with microlinks. As they are expensive I would definitely like to keep them in for 2 months and prefer the kinky hair, but I don’t want to deal with any tangling. If you watch the microlinks removal video on this channel, there was a little locing around the root. So this is a valid concern.

    5. Hairstyling'Queen Toni

      It’s always a hater SOMEWHERE.. black women know to roller set or braid their hair up at night so it wont get tangled.. and to keep whatever curl or crinkle pattern you have going.. ugh… we are not brand new to maintaining our hair

  34. Thebeautiful11

    Her real hair is amazing.

  35. Having Faith

    Cute them ends girl. Good for hair growth
    But very cut style

  36. Von MarieTv

    What inches did you use

  37. STEPHOMA87

    This is the best texture and style match I’ve seen in the hundred videos I’ve watched on micro-links! Bravo to you for getting it done this magnificently and saying you are still learning. Love it!

  38. 113016ify

    Finally real kinky textured micro links!!!!!!

  39. AsmrSheSoCold

    Wooow beautiful 😍 ❤

  40. Jessewroteit

    Beautiful 😍😍

  41. shawn72251

    It looks great

  42. Jay Little

    So seamless 🤤

  43. Jean Bruny

    I love it

  44. TheValicha

    Where’s the pool clip doe?

  45. peepla7

    My linking tool looks different…there is a little round section next to the flat pliers …to reverse the process and make removal easier.

    1. Beauty Beasting It!

      Do you have the link to it

  46. peepla7

    If you only used one bundle then you have a small to medium size head.

  47. peepla7

    You did a good job! And that teal streak….so cute!

  48. Tiffanie Dee

    Do the kinky Microlinks tangle easily at the root?


    Her hair came out so beautiful! Love the texture & curls!!

  50. fullwitch

    I had i tip. The hair was discontinued from the hair shop (i worked there) it was straight fine hair. It was perfect for when i had a blow out but i couldnt wear my hair natural for 3 months. I would love to try it with my natural texture so i could have to option to wear it curly or blown out

    1. Tachna Fortune

      kinky curl from perfect distractions

  51. Marylou Harris

    Thanks for sharing this helpful video,you are so helpful,I like your channel, I order the same product from newigstyle..com three weeks ago

  52. Mara


  53. Blonde Rose

    I think this is such a cute style but there are way too many risks to microlinks for me to wanna try lol

  54. Amy A.

    So pretty and natural!😊

  55. Disney Toys R 4 Fun

    yesss these look so much better than the hybrid sew in version.

  56. Tikqua Johnson

    Couldn’t you use braid im hair

  57. Kstepballa

    I wonder how you maintain it and after washing it?

  58. Dine and Serve with CiCi

    Don’t see the Kinky curly Afro hair on the website. Only available in clip ins. 😞

  59. Nikki Silvera XOXO

    I just got Microlink extensions for the first time and posted a video on my channel talking about my experience 🤗 Btw I’ll be checking out your video on how to take them out too ❤️✨❤️✨❤️

  60. exclusiveop

    It looks great!! I would love to see what it looked like wet and how the maintenance is.

  61. MommyMJ

    This is beautiful!!!!

  62. Angela S

    Beautiful! ❤️ How long does the style last?


    Hi could we get more information on the hair brand and vendor?

  64. Ashleigh Heirs

    Can you pleaseee come to the UK?! Us black girls here need you! Lol.
    Lovely video and lovely hair. Xx


    Beautiful hair texture!! Beautiful style!!

  66. Tammy Renee


  67. Tyqwana Fraizer

    That was sooo super dope… I been wanting some micro links.. I wish I could do my sister hair but she keeps her hair soooooo super short…😂😂😂.. Beautiful style.. Beautiful Sister Love…🙏🏽

  68. Champagne

    Hmmm. This has been in Europe for years. I’m wary of this. It made a lot of white girls bald way back when..has the process improved?

    1. Blvd 40


    2. Chanise

      @heartfulenergy that’s why doors your research and secondly it depends on how your taking care of your extensions, and also making sure not to come your hair too much or too rough which is something white wen are known to do. There is nothing wrong with this hairstyle. 🙄

    3. Cooking Healthy

      They fused the micro links with heat. Bad idea cause your hair will break at the root resulting in thinner hair

    4. Shannon G

      I was thinking of Britney Spears. There is something that did not do properly to cause their hair looking the way it eventually did. Maybe the weight of the extensions? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  69. Amanda Winfrey

    This is absolutely gorgeous, best video on microlinks I’ve seen

  70. yaya Nasir

    How do you take it out

  71. Charmaine McElroy

    Ive been doing hair for many years and micro links r not a good thing too do I say this because it breaks the hair follicles off at the roots making it hard too regrow very damaging

    1. Chanise

      That tends to happen if you aren’t taking care of it properly, being rough with it ,etc.

  72. Denise Bell

    How long does this last

  73. Iam Thatiam

    Those sections look huge.

  74. Vicky M

    How does removal work? Especially with thick, natural hair after it’s washed? I would assume there’s going to be a lot of tangling, especially closer to her roots

  75. Gonza K

    Awesome job and I love the streak of color.

  76. trinkerbell

    Make sur you get pliers with circle in the middle to remove them

  77. A Curtis

    This is sooooo pretty!! Can you make another video on ways to style the microlinks with this hair texture?

  78. DeannaDamia Petty

    Love the look. Thanks. I’m going to try this thanks

  79. Pineapple 123

    How long does it last

  80. Robin D

    Gorgeous 😍

  81. Nicole

    This looks sooooo good omfg

  82. tspcocktail

    Hair trim alert on natural hair
    Great tutorial

  83. Justhereyeah1

    Thank you so much for this finally 4c hair

  84. Flourish

    Does it break hair?

  85. Debbie Atkinson

    Do those little grommet things hurt your head when you lay down on them?

  86. kdesi23

    I wanna see it after the twist out 😩

  87. Elegant Hair Design


  88. YoliLoves

    Best natural hair microlinks install EVER! 🥰😍

  89. B. M

    Ive heard microlinks are bad for black hair and causes severe damage. Anyone know if thats true? And dos and dont. Plzzzz

  90. ComeAtMeBro


  91. ComeAtMeBro

    Very nice

  92. Doone226

    You did a great job. Better than some professionals in their videos. Subscribed.

  93. Jae Bea Blessings

    Girl! When you said get started.. I thought you were showing us the finished look! 😂

  94. Saundra F.

    Can you send the link to the youtube video of the take down how do you take it out?


    This look is sooo bomb!!!

  96. Rasheada Bowens

    It almost seems like your hair has to already be a certain length for this to work. Is that true?

    1. Celes Classo

      Definitely more versatile if your hair is longer

    2. Tima's World

      It can be done on short hair also

    3. Phenita Gomes

      I think so too

  97. Tishara Doby

    What about 4z short hair

  98. A.R.M

    Can you do one on someone that has thinner hair?

  99. Ash

    Hi just wondering why you didn’t use straight hair clips if you were going to straighten them out after, or is it for more volume purposes?

  100. Ash

    Hi just wondering why you didn’t use straight hair clips if you were going to straighten them out after, or is it for more volume purposes?

  101. San Juan NYCFashionKorner

    How much for this and where are u located

  102. Sharon Williams

    Where could we find you?

  103. Sharon Williams

    I have watched numerous videos on micro links and this is the best one I have ever seen. This is fantastic well done. I will be coming to you. please tell me where you are located.

  104. Sharon Williams

    I would like to do my hair for my birthday coming up in November and would love to book an appointment with you. Please respond I am begging. You have gifted hands LADY.

  105. Miss kipimyri Chanel

    How do you moisture your hair in this hairstyle ?

  106. Erya Bolonha

    Looks a lot like the Brazilian extensions I wear.. I would like to try the microlinks

  107. Maniah Stallworth

    I really enjoyed this video. Thank you. I have been thinking about getting itips but I want to wear my hair in its natural texture which is afro kinky. I live in the atl area. Would you ever do hair on others on the side or i could even be a model for your videos?

    1. Tachna Fortune

      hey if you fo it tell me how it goes cause i havent seen someone do it with afro kinky from perfectdistr.

  108. Nurse Moss

    Hey , nice !! Where did you get the weave from ? Thank you

  109. Calona Floyd

    How much do you charge for this exact style?!?!?!!! ❤️

  110. Melody Brown

    Absolutely beautiful

  111. Kloe Seveur

    Omg you’re in atlanta 🥺

  112. Anna Essah

    Where did you purchase this hair from please xx

  113. Kat Televised

    Idk about all this

  114. Vicky Landing

    Wish i could make an appointment fantastic thanks for sharing 🙏

  115. Vicky Landing

    The hair name 😁

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    Very beautiful ❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞🌺🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹🌹

  117. Emoretta Robinson

    Your sister’s hair is so full. But I really like the results. You did a great job. Sorry it’s late at night and I’m still awake. So this is the 3rd video of yours that I’ve watched. You do great work.

  118. Kerian Thompson

    Do anyone know how long to keep it in for ???

  119. C

    Is it reusable?

  120. My King is humble

    Thanks, I was thinking about adding hair and your channel can up. Great job.

  121. Martesh Beauty Studio

    where did you get the hair from?

  122. Michelle Dunn

    Can you reuse them? I’m not sure if this question has already been asked.

    1. Vera Jeanaé

      Yes! I tip hair can be reused.

  123. Maeva Ama

    N’oublions pas une choses quand nous faisons nos coiffures à répétition. C’est que nos cheveux ont besoins d’hydratation au quotidien..

  124. Lexus Davis

    What hair website

  125. This queenie is unique

    When it comes to curly hair like the weave it’s near looks like it’s 20 inches. Ig it’s the shrinkage idk

  126. Master B

    Finally I get to see how this is done on black hair! Thanks much. Looks beautiful. I must try this!!!!!!

    1. martika milburn

      Yas I been waiting to see it on black hair

  127. William South

    Can you do it on short hair too

  128. Sacorra White


  129. N. Love

    can you please do my hair,NEED HELP

  130. Hope Harmony

    How do you take this out without destroying your hair? And washing your hair?

  131. Infinity Edwards

    I need these right noww 😍

  132. W

    The real question is how this looked wet to dry and if it blended

    1. NeickhaSuPRA

      @Jenay you can see it blends in with her hair. As long as your hair isn’t drastically shorter than the micro links it should blend fine

    2. Jenay

      Right that’s what I need to know cause I wanna do this for my cruise but not if my hair won’t blend when it’s wet😭

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  134. Kamania Bavura

    Where is the hair from 😍??

  135. Angelic Earth Goddess

    OMG! I’m loving this. I honestly never even knew this way existed. Definitely will look into doing this for my lil princess. Thank you for sharing ❤️💗💝

  136. Brittany Burton

    Bomb you did an amazing job

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  138. DivinelyBlessedKeesh

    Is @perfectdistractionhairgallery still selling the microlink hair?? i went on the website but I didn’t see any. Thanks

  139. T R

    that blended seamlessly 😍 are these links reusable once taken out ?

    1. Tachna Fortune

      yes!! not the beads though

  140. Fashionista D

    This is the best one mainly because the hair didn’t have to be flat iron

  141. NIQUE

    Do you remember if you used kinky Afro or Afro straight when you ordered this hair from the page you mentioned?

  142. Hope

    wow absolute talent it looks amazing

  143. Donna Roberson

    This is the BEST instructional video that I’ve seen on the micro rings installation!❣️ Great job❣️❣️❣️ and OMG the client has GORGEOUS hair ❣️

  144. Expat Lifestyle

    Are the links reusable?


      Expat Lifestyle yes they are reusable ❤️❤️

  145. Jade Moore

    Where did u get the bundles of hair?

  146. Shalanna Wallace

    What Advise can you give me I went and got my hair Micro linked not even two weeks ago and now all the link are coming out all I can see is Tracks now the hairdresser telling me that my hair is to soft instead of letting me know while she was installing my hair I paid almost $700 for a hairstyle that lasted less than two weeks went about 4 days ago to get them fixed now 4 days later they are back out again

  147. M Nelson

    How long do these micro links last? I thank the YouTube algorithm for suggesting me this video.

  148. NiceN Natural

    how much does a whole head cost?

  149. kennyetta holmes

    Will you provide the info for the shop where you bought the microlinks?

  150. 💙SassySag🌸

    Thank you for showing this… Slow and steady

  151. Taylor

    What did you use to curl the hair and that pattern?

  152. shietta lashe

    “Little bead thing”
    Me: a beadeeerrr..? Lol ❤

    1. Vonjae Y

      Unnecessary comment.

  153. December Jones

    Great job! 💕

  154. T T

    Where is the hair from?

  155. Daniella Rodriguez

    I really liked this. I used to have micro rings on my hair back in the day. I am thinking about getting them again.

  156. Karenabena

    What size bead is this?

  157. Kayla Johnson

    Could you please show how the hair looks wet?

  158. NCcutey

    Thanks for making this video. Can you make one showing how you do the front and frame the face? I’ve been playing around installing these on myself and cant quite get the front to look right.

  159. O'uraya M.

    Where can I purchase this micro link hair texture

  160. Maya Daree

    Hey can you PLEASE DO THESE FOR ME I live in clay co and will pay WHATEVER!!! You want PLEASE

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    GIRL can you do my hair 👀

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    What kind of hair is this?

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    This so pretty ❤

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    Did you make your own tips?

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    Awesome works….. Keep them video coming…

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    Where on ig u get the weave? great job

  167. precious huntley

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your hair (growth) stories. This video was special thanks for showing that sister love. My sister is the hair stylist. I am your sister. Precious in Cali

  168. Shayla LaCosta

    Is this style good for going swimming or snorkeling. I’m going to Mexico next month and I’m trying to decide what will be best a sew in or the micro links. I just want as less maintenance with whatever is better. If anyone can help me decide. Never had micro links but has sew in which is mostly good besides the bulkyness of it after it starts to get wet.

  169. Maddison Real Estate Investments LLC

    what kind of dye was used for the teal streak? I love it!

  170. Brittany Syria

    What’s the name of the hair you used

  171. SoRena Dix

    Great job!! @12:43 even your dog was like, “Who dat’?” LOL!

  172. V STYLES

    I was looking to see where you purchased the hair from

  173. mrslisajckson

    Perfect job! She has super this hair like me. This was helpful.

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    Can you please please do it on someone with thin natural hair!🙏🏾

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    Thank you! Amazing job.

  177. E C

    Hi doll,

    How big are the beads?

  178. Avina

    Omg good job!! I wanna try!

  179. K Still

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It’s so beautiful because it looks 200 % REAL!!!
    It all looks like it’s naturally hers and THAT is what makes it so beautiful!!! I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  180. unique kay

    do you do these on other people like client’s?? If so how do I book?❤️

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  182. The Amber Brown Look

    You have info on the hair

  183. Jackie J.

    This is soooo pretty! Looks sooo natural! Great job!!!


    Wow 🤩

  185. At this moment

    your sissy’s hair is super thick

  186. Coatcheckgirl

    question do you have to straighten out your hair? I want to keep my hair in its natural start.

  187. Sheena Roberson

    Im sorry I guess I’m just anti-nappy looking. But it did blend very well

  188. Dina Spells

    Hey pykypp lol yiyiyiy

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    I wonder if you could micro link and wash and go

  190. Nikki O.

    This hair is pretty. Does the curl pattern revert back when wet? What type of hair is this?

  191. Byars Firm

    wow! I had no idea this was possible. Looks like I have some new hair goals for my 4C hair!!!

  192. Hope Idowu

    What did you curl her hair with?

  193. Chinwé

    Im waiting for the picture from the pool lol its looks really cute

  194. Shamyia McNair

    Can u do this on short hair or what cause I’m tired of being bald headed

  195. Yamii Dee

    If you have thin hair do you suggest getting two bundles

  196. Tiana Mells

    Beautifully done! How long were her extensions?

    1. Tachna Fortune


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    This is cute I want some I hope someone in my area can help me with mines

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    Where did you purchase this hair from

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    Where did you get the hair do you remember the page

  201. tiptopmali

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    WOW,I like your videos, I received the same one from newigstyle..com last week, shipped by Fedex,wonderful quality !!!!

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    Is that a wand curl or something else? So cute and full.

  205. K X

    Girl this video was all that! Your articulation was on point. I can’t wait to do mine. I am waiting for hair I ordered from Ali express. Thank you so much for this video. I am now a new subscriber. ❤️

  206. Ahmada Nolden

    Hi, how can I find this hair please?

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    You said you still learning but the finish product looks Amazing & Professional. You Rock Queen‼️💃🏽🔥🙌🏾🥳🥰

  208. Ananda Palmore

    Do you happen to take clients for natural hair micro links ? It looks sooo good

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  213. A J

    It’s easier and cheaper to microLOCK your hair

  214. Ashley Banks

    How did it look after a month tho?

  215. Roz G

    Hair looks TF bomb. You did a good job. Can this hair be dyed? I skimmed through the comments and didn’t see the question

    1. Tachna Fortune


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  217. Tonya Mitchell

    Do you recommend this style for those whose hair isn’t as full around the perimeter

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  219. missashleyowens

    Just a tip for the top and partial ridge. Next time if it’s to full you can always skip a space. That’s what I do the closer I get to the top.

    It’s cute af though ❤️

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    Her real hair and the extensions blend so perfectly. It looks like it all get real hair.

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