Know Your Micro LInks

Welcome to Before you order your Micro links we would like for you to know what type of micro links are best for you and how much you should order. So let’s learn a little bit about the different Micro links to see what is best for you and your hair type.  
There are 3 types of Micro Links  I-tip, Micro Loop rings,  and Nano rings.
First We will learn about I-tip hair. I-tips are the most popular and would be the ones to last the longest before nano rings were created. they are a bit thicker in size at the root and can be taken out and reused multiple times. Let’s watch the video below to see how they are installed. 

Now that you know how to install them you may be wondering how many bundles you will need for a full head.  This will depend on the size of your head but most people use 3 to 4 bundles for a full look.  

Make sure the Texture and color of the hair match your natural hair as all of your hair will be out with the micro link hair so this should be able to blend in very naturally with your own. 

The downside for i-tip micro links is that the beads and links are a bit bulky and can be seen at the crown if not done properly. If you would like more nondetectable links then check out the nano rings below. 

You can order I-tip Micro Link Hair HERE

Moving on to Micro Loop Rings. These will be the easiest to install as you do not need any extra beads, they are attached to the hair along with the loop string.  Watch how to install them below. 

The downside about this hair is that you cannot reuse them and it is hard to do maintenance on them as your hair grows out. If your hair grows fast then you pretty much waisted some good hair within a matter of weeks. 

If you are looking for a temporary easy style then this is the hair for you. All of your hair will be out with the links so make sure you match the color and texture perfectly. 

You will need 3 to 4 bundles for a full head of hair, you can order micro ring hair HERE. 

Last We have Nano Rings the Latest and most popular of this year. Why? Because the beads and links are super small and are easier to cover than the i-tip and Micro ring Links.

Therefore you will get more versatility and natural-looking styles with nano rings.  You can re-use this hair and maintenance is easy.

The downside is that they are really small and can take a bit longer to install. You will need 4 to 5 bundles for a full look with these links.  Watch the video below on how to install.  You can order Nano Ring hair HERE.

Now that you have learned all about micro links you can order the ones that best fit your needs.

To Remove all micro links use the plier tool and squeeze lightly to open the bead and pull down.

You can shampoo your hair with the links but be sure not to pull as the hair will slip out. It is best to go as long as possible without wetting the scalp, try using dry shampoo as often as you can.

You can exercise and swim and do your everyday activities. Be free and have fun! now go shop for your miro link hair!

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